Thursday, February 28, 2013

CAUDALIE PARIS - Fleur de Vigne & The des Vignes Fragrances

Hi Beauties.
Today's feature is:
Fleur de Vigne & The des Vignes Fragrances by CAUDALIE PARIS.
I was so excited to try this little collection of fragrances by Caudalie!
I love the bottle design, very sleek and good for traveling and the two colors Green and Pink love that.
Keep in mind these are Limited Edition so check them out before they are gone!

A little about the fragrances below,
Fleur de Vigne:
Light fresh and slightly citrusy.
"Like walking through my family vineyards at dawn, Fleur de Vigne captures the ephemeral essence of the grape flower." —Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie Founder 

Grapefruit, Grape Flowers, Aqueous Sap, Hawthorn Flowers, Pink Pepper, White Rose, Watermelon, Mandarin, and Cedar.

Fresh. Warm. Subtle.

The des Vignes:
Light and slightly sweet, very clean and feminine.
"Thé des Vignes is inspired by that secretive moment at dusk, as warm sunlight flares in the horizon while the scents of my family's vineyard deepen into musk and suspend into a caress of ginger and neroli." —Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie Founder 

White Musk, Neroli, Ginger, Honey, Vine Sap.

Sensual. Still. Innocent.

Check out CAUDALIE PARIS at:

FTC: Product provided by CAUDALIE.


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