Thursday, February 14, 2013

LUSH - The Ex-Factor - Bath Bomb

The Ex-Factor - Bath Bomb from LUSH.
"Who Knew Vengeance Could Smell So Sweet?".

This little man can pop into your tub as you play bath time voodoo, watch as he fizzes away and creates a soothing scent of vanilla-musk (like baby powder).
Relaxing and softens skin.
Delight in watching his limbs dissolve one by one, into the calming, deep blue water until finally (finally!) his little heart explodes into a thousand tiny pieces, only to be washed down the drain into nothingness. Revenge satisfied.
Perfect after a breakup or just for fun!
They and I really do hope they consider making it a year-round item.
Because The Ex-Factor is a cute idea and unique product!
This is a Ex that you would be sad to see go. :(

The Ex-Factor -  Bath Bomb makes a fun gift for Valentines Day!

So be sure to check out their website below to shop online or find your local shop:

FTC: Product provided by LUSH.


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