Monday, August 8, 2011

New Promo For The 8th & Final Season Of Desperate Housewives

Hey Dolls!
As I posted last week, it was announced that ABC Show "Desperate Housewives" would finally be coming to an end as this upcoming 8th season of Desperate Housewives would be the last.
As the show was supposed to be extended into an ninth season, it was surprising to fans that the network decided to cut their long standing, high-rating show short, but it is now revealed that it was the decision of Creator Marc Cherry.
At the TCA this weekend, Marc expressed his appreciation to the fans, his cast and the network for the last 8 years of his career and he explained why he felt like it was time to end the show a season early. He said:
“I wanted to go out when the network still saw us as a viable show and a force to contend with. We felt from a creative standpoint that this was the right time. I feel so good about it.”
He was also asked about how the cast took the news and he admited there was a "touch of shock" for the ladies. He added:
“I’ve spoken to over half of them. It was bittersweet and lovely, because the women knew there was the possibility… They said some very lovely things to me about how I’ve changed their lives and careers. I truly, truly love every one of them. [They] fill me up with such emotion inside; I love my cast. [They're] people who are smart enough to be grateful.”
I'm very upset about the 8th season being it's last.
But also I'm excited to see all the secrets and stories unfold in this 2011//2012 years.
Be sure to watch the Season 8 START UP On September 25th at 9/8c and to keep you till then,
here is little new promo!

Watch the promo below:



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