Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Love It Perfume: Pacific Paradise By Escada

Hey Beauties!
Time for another one of my "I Love It Perfume" posts.
I have been getting such great feedback on these posts so here is another one for you all today! :)
This is a fragrance I have been loving ever since 2006.
It's one of my all time top favorites, and has been for a very long time,
and it's just one of those perfumes that you'll always love.
It smells like a blend of banana, apple, coconut, lime, sugary, sandalwood, amber, and musk.
It is recommended for daytime wear, but I wear it anytime, as it's not a overpowering scent,
so it's perfect for anytime.
But daytime is best as it really then takes you and makes you feel like your on a beach far far away just laying around drink yummy tropical juices! :) ha! nice feeling for a perfume right?
A perfect Sweet-Tropical scent.
Well if you can still find this perfume at your local beauty store,
then I really do suggest trying it and purchasing it, as it's so lovely!
Be on the lookout soon for more "I Love It Perfume" posts on my favorite fragrances! :)

FTC Disclaimer:
My family member purchased this Fragrance as a gift for me.
All opinions are my own.


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