Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Koda Kumi’s 51st Single Will Be The Theme Song of Movie “Second Virgin”

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Some news about Jpop's Koda Kumi just releases today, it has been announced that Koda Kumi’s single, “Ai wo Tomenaide” (to be released September 21st) will be used as a theme song for Suzuki Kyoka’s starring movie, “Second Virgin”.This movie is the sequel to the 2010 NHK drama of the same name and Koda was in charge of the theme song for the drama last year as well. The singer stated the following regarding the theme song, “There is no such thing as a late love and there is no need for a person to have a reason to be in love. This song was completed with such thoughts in mind.”This explicit movie is about the dangerous love affair between a 45-year-old publisher Nakamura Rui (Suzuki) and a 28-year-old married man Suzuki Kou (Hasegawa Hiroki) who’s married to a character played by Fukada Kyoko. This movie will focus on their difficulties, distress, and tricky circumstances revolving around the main characters.
“Ai wo Tomenaide” is a love ballad song picked out among from 100 demo songs and Koda said, “A person so beloved that I cannot help it, but a love that cannot be fulfilled. An unforgivable love. I put that kind of vexing and painful feeling into the lyrics [of this song],” and explained about the connection between the lyrics and the movie.

This movie will hit theaters nationwide on September 23rd.
Congrats Kumi on having your song become the theme song!!
So exciting!


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