Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4minute’s HyunA Releases Brand New Ballad Song “A Bitter Day”

Hey Dolls!
As I posted yesterday Kpop 4minute’s HyunA, who’s ready to release her debut solo album on July 5th titled "Bubble Pop!‘ has released a beautiful sweet ballad track titled, “A Bitter Day”.
Just a few days ahead of her album's release, this song features labelmates Junhyung and G.NA.
“A Bitter Day” features a beautiful live acoustic sound which goes so nicely with HyunA’s rhythmical rapping. B2ST’s Junhyung & G.NA sound lovely too but I would have liked to hear more HyunA in this song, I don't not feel as if there is enough of HyunA's singing in it, as G.NA is heard more in the song. I adore G.NA but I was disappointed to not hear much HyunA. :( 
HyunA's singing/rapping skills in the beginning of this song "A Bitter Day" from the little she is heard on the song, is very breathtaking that's why I would have liked to hear more of her on this song.

Check the song out below and remember to support HyunA by purchasing her BRAND NEW DEBUT SOLO ALBUM ON... July 5th!



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