Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods! Products Review Round #2 "Chocolate Mega Chunks/Snack Bars/Chocolatey Bars"

Hey Everyone!
So do you guys remember that back in April of this year I did a review for some products from a brand called "Enjoy Life Foods".
Well today I will be making another post on a review of some goodies from them again! :)
Hope you all enjoy!
& To refresh your memory here is a little on Enjoy Life Foods.

They make all kinds of goodies for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, & Bakery products.
Enjoy Life Foods, a leading manufacturer of great-tasting, allergy friendly foods made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility.

My Review on these 3 types of goodies!
Semi Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks:
These ARE A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
My Brother & I both LOVE them, They are SO GOOD.
They are nice bite sized pieces when you don't feel like eating a whole chocolate bar.
Perfect taste for a chocolate.. VERY YUMMY!
My brother has been eating these Chocolate Mega Chunks like CRAZY!
He really loves them & their cute shape! :)

Snack Bars
* Very Berry
* Cocoa Loco
For the Snack Bars, both of the flavors I tried were Chewy, Dry, & Hard.
I did not like them at all, they were not soft at all.
I was REALLY interested in these Snack Bars, & excited to try them, but when I tried them I was sad that they did not taste how I imagined!
They are still sitting in my pantry.. :(
I hope Enjoy Life Foods improve these soon, because I would love to see yummy Snack Bars from them!

Boom CHOCO Boom Dairy, Nut and Soy FREE Chocolatey Bars!:
* Rice Milk
* Crispy Rice
* Dark Chocolate
For all 3 flavors of these Chocolatey Bars I thought they were all alright.
The Dark Chocolate was the best one I would say out of the 3.
These were very nice tasting for a allergy free snack!
But I just wish that they had a more "melt in your mouth" effect like other chocolate bars do.
I am happy to see a company like Enjoy Life Foods at least trying out different products all ALLERGY FREE!
It's SO hard to find snacks that don't have any bad "bad unhealthy ingredients". 
& That's why I like trying this brands products, because I'm always looking for "Healthy & Yummy" snack options.
But a slight improvement in these, would be nice to see.
I have a idea for them to make a "Raspberry Dark Chocolate", that would taste yummy!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my thoughts on these few products from Enjoy Life Foods, 
and I will be having more reviews & such from this companies products on my site very soon!

Check Out Enjoy Life Foods online at their links:

FTC Disclaimer:
I was sent  all the above mentioned items from Enjoy Life Foods a possible review, 
All opinions are my own.


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