Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will Koda Kumi’s Music Video For Her 50th Single Be Banned From Broadcast?

Hey Dolls!

Jpop singer Koda Kumi’s 50th single, “4 TIMES“, will be released on August 10th, but it’s not going to come without controversy.

“KO-SO-KO-SO“, which is included on the same single, has scandalous details about two people in bed, including the lyrics, “I’ll teach you my sweet spots”, and because the song’s music video is said to be too extreme, it is being widely speculated that it will be banned from broadcast.

Kumi commented about commemorating the release of her 50th single, “I realized that as my 50th single, it’ll be a testament to my career. Just hearing that number again, I really have an amazing number of releases.”

Koda, who has been going strong since her debut 11 years ago, said about the release, “Even though it’s a memorial single, I wanted to express a ‘Koda Kumi-like’ work with a rich variety of sounds. I have confidence in it!”

Just as she says, with songs ranging from an aggressive electro sound to a love song written from a woman’s heart, it’s a single rich with her signature charms.


The CD jacket also features Koda with her legs spread while wearing fishnet stockings, showing off her sexiest visual yet. The aforementioned shocking music video will be included with the CD+DVD version of the single.
I cannot wait for the release!
Koda Kumi is SO AMAZING! :) <3

Source: Oricon


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