Friday, August 10, 2012

bai: Powerful Antioxidant Goodness Of Coffee's Superfruit Drinks - BRAND NEW PRODUCT

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I recently teamed up with a company called "bai" (means pure) they just released these BRAND NEW Powerful Antioxidant Goodness Of Coffee's Superfruit Drinks.
I recently tried out their line of bai5 collection (keep in mind they are also only 5 calories each!)

The 7 flavors include:
* Brasilia Blueberry
* Congo Pear
* Costa Rica Clementine
* Ipanema Pomegranate
* Malawi Mango
* Panama Peach
* Sumatra Dragonfruit

They also have a regular bai collection, the 4 flavors include:
* Jamaica Blue Berry
* Kenya Peach
* Mango Kauai
* Tanzania Strawberry

bai Drinks are:
Kosher, Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free.
GMO Free,
Low Glycemic Index.

Wondering why you’ve never heard of coffee's secret superfruit?
You’re not the only one! It just so happens to be one of nature's best kept secrets. Previously, the bright, round cranberry-like fruit of the coffee plant was left behind after coffee harvesting, a valuable antioxidant resource discarded. Only recently was the casing that once nurtured and protected the coffee bean recognized for its health-enhancing properties. Now, from the coffee fields of Indonesia, bai brings the antioxidant benefits of coffeefruit directly to you.

These drinks are so fresh and new, I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM.
They are filled with Antioxidants & the Goodness of Coffee's Superfruit, 100% Natural and not loaded with any yucky fillers or sugar.
A VERY Refreshing, unique and bold bright tasting drink, thats also really good for your body.
I also really like the product packaging, it's BPA-Free, nice sharp bottle shape, it's simple yet bold and eye-catching!
I wish bai drinks were available years ago, I feel they are going to do so well on the market.
All flavors from the bai5 collection are delicious! My favorites are "Congo Pear", "Ipanema Pomegranate", "Costa Rica Clementine", "Panama Peach", & my most favorite is "Malawi Mango".

Be sure to check out bai drinks on your next shopping trip and if you don't see them at your local supermarket, ask the manager to please get them in for you!!

Check out bai at their Official Links below:


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