Friday, August 10, 2012

Evol Releases Their Debut Mini Album Vol.1

Yesterday I posted about New Korean Girl Group "Evol" and their music video release for "We are a bit different", you can see that here.
Today they release their Debut Mini Album Vol.1, it contains 5 tracks.
This girl group brings something new & fresh to the Korean Music world.
Very fierce and their pop/dance music is unique and I like that they are not trying to be like any other groups, just themselves. I feel this group will become very successful and I like the idea that they are very involved with their songs and write their music and work on the choreography themselves.

EvoL's debut title "We are a bit different" is from the motto of "Evoulution of Girl group" and the title name also picked from the lyrics of the song which is written by the rapper of EvoL, "Jucy" and "J-Da".
It has very strong dance performance and rhythm.

01. 폭파해줘 (We are a bit different)
02. I'm sorry
03. Magnet
04. 우린 좀 달라 (Let Me Explode)

Check out their tracks below and pick up a copy of their album today!

Fun, Fresh, Hot and Unique! "We are a bit different":

"I'm Sorry":

Full of Rapping!! this one is titled "Magnet":

This will be sure to get stuck in your head, SUPER CATCHY! "Let Me Explode":


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