Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nestlé - Sundae - Smarties (Ice Cream/Frozen Treat)

From Nestlé with their newest snacking size cups of Ice Cream/Frozen Treat.
This is the "Smarties" ones.
I picked up this one because I used to love McFlurry's from Mc Donalds.
Mix ’n match all your favourites - Triple Chocolate Drama, Shocking Strawberry Shortcake, Cool Caramel & Pecan and Rolo. Now available in SMARTIES and OREO.
I love the colorful packaging and it was a yummy little snack for a Summer Afternoon! :)
It only contains about 8 Smarties on the top I do wish they were throughout the whole cup, even crushed up would be nice.
I'm looking forward to trying more from the collection.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for more reviews of the new Nestlé Sundae Collection!


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