Monday, August 6, 2012

Quaker - Whole Hearts - Oat Cereal Sweetened With Real Brown Sugar - NEW

I'm always into finding and trying out new healthy cereals free of bad ingredients and just a good product overall.
This is a NEW product from Quaker called Whole Hearts. It's a Oat Cereal Sweetened With Real Brown Sugar.
It reminds me of Cheerios, but a little different, it tastes more like Oatmeal (which I love!), but with a strong lovely scent of Brown Sugar and at the same time not overly sugary.
They also get more softer than Cheerios.
I REALLY love the idea of the hearts shape, it's such a cute little touch to this cereal.
Great for a happy morning with lots of Vitamins and Minerals!
Healthy for you, With 13g of whole grain oats, 3g of fiber and 8g of real sugar in every serving, it's a little bit of love in every bite.
My new FAVORITE cereal! :)

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