Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Extra Professional - Peppermint - Sugar-Free Gum

I've been seeing commercials for this new Sugar-Free Gum called Extra Professional in flavor Peppermint.
My previous favorite gum was Juicy Fruit in sticks.
I picked up a package of this Extra one, while shopping and loved it!
It's really fresh! The Peppermint is so strong and it has these little refreshing and cooling burst beads,
so nice. :)
It turns a light blue color which is super fun!
Though you need about 2 sticks to actually blow a bubble, it's cool.
I like that it's Sugar-Free and is sticks not pieces, also it's in a perfect little to-do ready to slip in your purse case.
If your looking for a good Sugar-Free Gum, be sure to check out this one. It's healthier for your teeth/mouth than the typical fruity/sugary gums!

Check out this Extra product and more at:


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