Thursday, August 9, 2012

Evol Releases Their Debut Music Video "We are a bit different"

Hey Everyone!
New Korean Girl Group called Evol makes their debut with a music video for "We are a bit different" today!
They are Stardom Entertainment's newest group and is sure to have this new single become a hit fast.
I love that they show their original and not trying to copy or be like any other group, like their sound, style and members voices, also choreography is AMAZING! and listen to this..
Stardom Entertainment mentioned that the members themselves participated in writing the lyrics and producing their album as well as the choreography for their songs.
That's great to hear a nice fresh and talented young group.
I wish them the best of luck with their career and can't wait to hear more music from them soon!
Check out the music video below..

Fun, Fresh, Hot and Unique! "We are a bit different":


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