Friday, August 24, 2012

Books With Simi (Review) - "The Artisan Soda Workshop" By Andrea Lynn

Hey Everyone!
Good afternoon and welcome to Books With Simi.. today's review will be on the book released May 2012.. titled "The Artisan Soda Workshop" By Andrea Lynn.
75 Homemade Recipes from Fountain Classics to Rhubarb Basil, Sea Salt Lime, Cold-Brew Coffee and Much Much More.
Paperback with 144 pages.
It teaches you how much more healthier making your own soda from scratch is!
With easy to follow recipes and bright vibrant photos, I love how colorful and captivating this little book is!
Each recipe uses simple and easy to find ingredients, it's a really well written book.
A favorite recipe from it of mine is "Cherry-Almond Syrup".
I give this book my SimiSodaPop Stamp Of Approval!

So be sure to check out this book at your local bookstore or online below at..

Book Provided By Ulysses Press.


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