Friday, August 24, 2012

G-Dragon Releases Music Video For "ONE OF A KIND"

Just a little over three years ago was the release day of BIGBANG'S Leader G-Dragon's last album "Heartbreaker".
It was a very successful album and is one of my top all time favorites from the ever so talented GD!
Just released today is his first single and music video for "ONE OF A KIND" off his upcoming 2nd solo album.
Full out hip hop, original, super catchy and it's stuck in my head! I LOVE THE M/V CONCEPT!
I really like the crazy fun concept, everything from tigers, children, bears, GD'S great fashion, Taeyang, and more!!
You'll be dancing along and poppin' along to "ONE OF A KIND" as you listen to it. :)
This is a great first single for fans.
I'm super pumped for this new album.

Check out his music video for "ONE OF A KIND" below:


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