Friday, August 24, 2012

Heroine - Hindi Film - Releases Full Movie Soundtrack

Hey Readers!
A little treat while you wait for the release day of Hindi Film "Heroine".
Just released is the Full Movie Soundtrack.
Listen to it below..

Heroine Official Music Box:
Songs: Halkat Jawani, Saaiyaan, Main Heroine Hoon, Khwahishein, Tujhpe Fida

"Heroine" releases on 21st September, 2012. The film is based on the life and times of a superstar heroine from the dream factory we call 'Bollywood'. The film is a daring, shocking, glamorous, scandalous behind the scenes account of the reality behind the world of glitz and glamour that our film stars inhabit.

Check out the Full Movie Soundtrack:


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