Monday, December 5, 2011

Beauty Pop: Sephora's Holiday Nail Polish Collection

Hey Lovelies!
I was just at Sephora a few days ago and their had their Holiday Nail Polish Collection released in stores!
I was so happy and purchased all them to wear for the holidays!!
I'M a Winter fan like crazy so whatever gets released around this time of the year, I have to purchase it if it's cute and what I like!
So i'll do a seperate post about each color and such, but for now I wanted to go over all the such FESTIVE & Romantic nail colors that is in the new Sephora By O.P.I. Collection.
They are each $12.00 Canadian.

1. Be-Claus I Said So (clear with medium and chunky red glitter) Item # 1355965
2. Chest-Nuts About You (opaque pink champagne with fine glitter) Item # 1355973
3. Don't Be Eggnogious (clear with medium and chunky copper glitter) Item # 1355999
4. Stop Stocking Me (opaque metallic golden plum) Item # 1356039
5. Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild (clear with medium and chunky purple glitter) Item # 1356054
6. Naughty Is The New Nice (opaque ice blue with fine silver glitter) Item # 1356021
7. Countdown To The Kiss (opaque royal blue with medium glitter) Item # 1355981
8. Keep Me On My Mistletoe (opaque champagne gold with fine glitter) Item # 1356005
9. New Years Red-Solution (opaque metallic golden red) Item # 1356013
10.Good Tidings We Bling (clear with fine and chunky red and green glitter) Item # 1372853

Each one's name is so cute and fits the color so well!
My top 6 favorites are.. Chest-Nuts About You, New Years Red-Solution, Naughty Is The New Nice, Countdown To The Kiss, Keep Me On My Mistletoe, & Stop Stocking Me.

Photo's are above too! :D
Be sure to go to your local Sephora or shop & check out these limited edition holiday colors! :)


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