Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sesame Street Playskool/Hasbro - Count N' Crunch Cookie Monster (Review)

Hey Everyone!
It's the wonderful time of the holidays!
So I wanted to share with you one of my newest most favorite children's toy, that you are sure to love too!
This product is called "Count N' Crunch Cookie Monster" it's by Playskool/Hasbro. The very first time I spotted this toy a couple of months ago, I knew all my little relatives would LOVE it. So here are my thoughts on it. It's such a cute product for the young ones in your family, Being a fan of Sesame Street's adorable characters, I adore Cookie Monster. It's super soft and cuddly & contains 3 "cookies" in which you "feed" him & press his foot and he counts "1,2,3" and other cute phrases & also sings all while siting and wiggling. Then they drop into in very cute backpack and you can repeat and repeat till however long you want to. I wish you could purchase more cookies and make him count up till like 100! Also his laugh is adorable when you tickle him. It's easy for little ones to play with and there are no super small pieces, which is great! All my little relatives are in L.O.V.E. with the "Count N' Crunch Cookie Monster". I know I'll be heading out and purchasing lots of these for gifts! They are a perfect gift for both girls and boys, and you would be surprised at what age groups like this too (Adults think its very cute!) ;) And I think it's a really unique & fun toy and I feel that It will do a really great job at flying off the shelfs these holidays. So check him out at your local toy-store for this Christmas!

You can check out where to purchase this item here:

FTC Disclaimer:
The company mentioned above sent me the product for a possible review.
All opinions are my own.


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