Friday, December 2, 2011

Shopping 101: My Holiday Shopping Tips To You

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to make a post today about a "Shopping 101: My Holiday Shopping Tips To You". I adore the holidays and  I know many people dread holiday shopping in the busy malls and such and going all over town looking for a specific item.. just to find out everywhere is sold out of the item you were looking for!
Well I wanted to share a few of my holiday shopping tips. As I have most of my shopping done, I usually find that I'm never done in the stores, something is always new to get and catches my eyes.
So here is some tips below..

1. Shop year-round for your family and friends gifts, as I always love to do this, when your in a store or online and spot a item in which you feel that it would be a perfect fit for your loved ones, doesn't matter when you purchase it. You will be able to not worry at the last minute that you can't find that item you spotted months ago that was going to be nice for the person on your list.

2. I love to get my holiday shopping done at the beginning of the fall/winter season, just when the fall/winter releases of items are still so very fresh out and you can find the items well I'm the stores, without searching for sold out items. I love to go early and purchase items to see all the new products without just seeing a "few of the last remaining items a few days before xmas".

3. Check out the items that are on your holiday list online.
Many stores now have shop-online features on their websites, also many have very good deals for the holidays if you shop-online. So be sure to check out online for deals in which you sometimes can't find in stores.

4. I love to go into the stores with a list and a thought out plan of what I'm really looking for.
Sometimes I get into the stores and really get distracted by all the items and come out of shopping and forget that I was supposed to buy a certain thing. I hate that.. So now I really plan ahead and make a list of everyone thats on your holiday shopping list and I write it on my phone so I can browse through it while shopping. I have a couple of different apps for my phone to help with this and I will be posting a separate post on this topic of apps and such. :)

5. The last tip is.. If your struggling with not knowing what to get a certain one on your list, say if they like books and magazines, instead of purchasing them a bunch of books that your unsure if they would like it or not, purchase them a gift card to their local book store like "Chapters/Indigo". If your really sure of what book they do want or are interested in then its fine to purchase it your self. But you can't go wrong with a gift card. It's perfect! Same goes for all stores or the movie theatre. For girls.. some gift cards they would be sure to enjoy.. Victoria's Secret, LaSenza, Sephora, MAC, H&M, Starbucks. and for guys.. BestBuy, Future Shop, Amazon,, H&M, & Starbucks.

So.. I hope you enjoyed reading my "Shopping 101: My Holiday Shopping Tips To You" post and be sure to keep these in mind for your holiday shopping!

Have FUN! :)
& Happy Holidays!!!


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