Sunday, December 18, 2011

Entertainment: Dior J'Adore Film Stars Charlize Theron & Digitalized Hollywood Icons (NEW FILM/AD)

Hey Dolls!
I've been seeing a ad so much on T.V. recently that I wanted to talk about!
I simply adore it, it the new commercial for "Dior J'Adore".  It stars the very stunning Charlize Theron and features some stunning Digitalized Holywoods Icons. Longtime spokesmodel Charlize Theron has been with the French company Dior since 2004.
Seven years and one giant scandal later and Charlize is back for Dior with a new TV spot for the fragrance. The simply stunningly elegant glittery ad features a very captivating Charlize alongside Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and my favorite the AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS Marilyn Monroe, digitized back to reality. WOW when I first saw this ad, I was like "HEY OMG! THAT'S GRACE KELLY, Marlene Dietrich & the oh! so gorgeous MARILYN Monroe.. how did they do that?!! Ha I was so surprised and happy to see all these elegantly gorgeous wonderful women on tv again!
This is such a gorgeous original commercial. I love the idea!
If you listen closely, you'll even hear Marilyn Monroe say "Dior" while holding the bottle of fragrance!I love DIOR for doing this.. and celebrating their beauty in a true high end beauty/ fashion commercial it's so cool too see, they did such a amazing job on it! I love at the end you can see all the women in a line together in the back while Charlize heads out on stage to walk the runway in her beautiful gold Dior Gown.. :)
In true French fashion, the video was View the new J'adore movie now, filmed exclusively in the 'Galerie des Glaces' at the 'Château de Versailles'.
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud
Starring Charlize Theron & Hollywood Icons
Music : Heavy cross by Gossip (Everything is So LOVELY about this ad!)
I have been so obsessed with the commercial and the song that can be heard in it.. <3 It!
This is simply the most gorgeous & glamourous ad ever featuring all my favorites!  Adore IT!

Be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it yet!..

& Here is the song in the video called "Heavy cross" by Gossip


Happy Holidays!

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