Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday 101: My Very Merry Cookie Party: How to Plan and Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange

Hey Cookies!
I  have been getting emails asking about what Holiday Parties will I be having this year, one of them will be my yearly "My Very Merry Cookie Party". It can also be called a "Cookie Swap".
It's truly one of the most fun holiday parties out there.
You really get a chance to see your friends and families favorite cookies.
Its so fun and from the party it will load you up with cookies for holiday. 
Here's how it works:
* Send out invitations to your friends and family and request that each of them pick one cookie to bake for the party (it's cool to see your guests cookie decorating styles!).
* Once you get the update on who can attend and such then you know how many people are attending, so be sure to follow up with your guests and let them know how many cookies they each need to make, so they have a idea. A batch or two of cookie each person typically makes with my friends and family.
* Setting up on the day or night before of your "My Very Merry Cookie Party" start to set up your serving table, this is one of the most best parts! Put a nice festive table runner and pretty decorations. 
* Then.. It should be about time when your party is starting, so go have a BLAST! you may find cookie types that you have never heard before, thats so amazing to do! :)
* I love to see the decoration of the packing they used to bring the cookies over to my party. I love seeing all the holiday festive fun, stickers, containers, gift wrapping and such. You may get some inspiration for holiday decoration from your guests! Love that!

My favorite cookies are Gingerbread Men! ADORE them!
So have a "My Very Merry Cookie Party" this month. :)
Also some savory bites to balance out all the sweet cookies is always a nice touch. I love to serve a gorgeous cheese platter with crackers, olives and dips!

Happy Holidays!

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