Monday, December 12, 2011

Ins & Outs: Holidays Goodies, Sweet Scents, And Chipped Nail Polish

Hey Pretty People!
I'm just blogging and listening to some Michael Buble music.. something about his music around the holidays just really goes so romantically festive.. especially his new Christmas album!
So here are some "Ins & Outs" of the moment..

* Festive Drinks. I love Hot Chocolate (Homemade) with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream & some cinnamon on top. Delicious.. Also Starbucks during the holidays are lovely, I adore their Peppermint Latte. I like to make the Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee at home too.
* Beautiful Dark and Romantically festive Nail Polish colors.. I love the Tinsel Tips collection from last years release from "Nicole By O.P.I. also Justin Bieber's Nicole By O.P.I. shades in, My Lifesaver & Redy to Runaway Love.
* Christmas/Holiday Shopping!! LOVE it.. so many things to look at during this time of the year, I love going to all the stores and seeing all them decorated so beautifully! It's so wonder picture perfect! Also when a store is playing Christmas music by Michael Buble or Mariah Carey.. wow! That just makes my day! I adore it! :)
* Holiday Scented Candles! I love candles but around the holidays I tend to go more for them, probably because all the companies release all these yummy-full scents! Right now I'm loving Bath & Body Works - Slatkin & Co, Marshmallow Peppermint, Dark Chocolate Mint & Hot Buttered Rum. also their candle sleeves are so cute (gingerbread men adorable!!). I'm also loving the Glade Winter Collection Candles, The Peppermint Crush, French Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon & Spruce it up, are all fabulous!
* Baking!!! I love love love baking around the holidays especially! My favorite of the moment is.. Mint Creme Brownies!
* Perfumes.. I have been loving the "Prada Candy" a very sophisticated warm romantic yummy-full scent perfect for the holidays! "Sweetly Addictive". also the Neiges perfume by Lise Watier has always been a favorite of mine & Burberry Body & Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears are another two favorites of mine. :)
* Holiday Movies.. I love holiday movies.. don't you? I adore Home Alone, The Grinch & Santa Baby the most.
* Holiday decorating.. so fun.. put on a beautiful christmas album and decorate all around your home while drinking & eating your holiday treats!
* Chocolate.. Lindt Mini White Chocolate Balls are so yummy! & Pot Of Gold Milk Chocolate Truffles are delicious.. other favorites of mine include.. Hershey's Almondillos, Andes Mints & Ovation Mint Sticks.
* Holiday inspired Beauty Products.. I've been spotting so many lovely holiday scented soaps, body washes, lip-balms and more from all over stores.. including my favorite beauty/bath product store LUSH (their Snowcake Soap Bar is amazing!)

* I hate chipped nail polish! Don't you?!! I just really have always hated it and I feel that every time I spot a littlest chip, I have to run and get my nail polish and fix it ASAP! But the pretty-ness of the perfection once it's finished is the most beautiful thing.
* Christmas Scrooges/Grinches. I understand if you may not like or celebrate christmas but all I ask is just don't try to ruin and bring down everyone else's holidays.. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading these 12 "Ins & Outs" post.. and Happy Holidays!!


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