Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fashion Minute: My Top Favorite TV Character Style Icons

Hey Lovelies!
I felt like making a post on "My Top Favorite TV Character Style Icons".
So you guys know I adore TV shows and I wanted to share My Top Favorite TV Character Style Icons with you all.

1. I SIMPLY ADORE Sara Michelle Gellar & her characters she plays on her hit show "Ringer". She plays a double role of Bridget Kelly/Siobhan Martin. It's one of my top favorite shows and also the incredible fashion and style she wears is so beautiful and lovely. Also Sara is one of the Executive producers of the show. It's a MUST WATCH! Check it out if you haven't already. :)

2. The 2nd one is actually a few women from the same show all tied into this one..
Desperate Housewives which is my #1!!! FAVORITE show. Their style for each of the womens main characters are so fit perfectly with their character's personality.
I adore Susan's simple and pretty look, Bree's very elegant & simple fresh look, Gabby's sexy but elegant look also ADORE her hairstyles!!, Lynette's fresh and business look, and lastly but not least is the new addition to Wisteria Lane, the OH SO SEXY.. Renee, who has SOOO many beautiful & stunning outfits. I LOVE her on the show!

3. The Last one is one of my other favorite shows "How I Met Your Mother". I love the style of the characters.. Lily & Robin. Very cute and simply stylish always.


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