Friday, October 14, 2011

Girls' Generation Releases 2 New 30 Sec MV Teasers For “The Boys” (English & Korean)

Hey Everyone!
Kpop's Girls' Generation have just released 2 new MV teasers for “The Boys“. One version in English and one in Korean. So cool! I love it when Kpop singers release a english version too! :)
The new teasers are an additional 15 seconds of SNSD goodness.  We are treated with still more solo I love the choreography & music video concept.  The song sounds so catchy, “Girls bring the boys out!"...
So check out the teasers below, and keep a lookout on for more updates of Girls' Generation and more!
I'm so addicted to the korean version, I think it sounds so much sexier! :)





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