Sunday, October 2, 2011

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Sephora & Brands - Beauty With A Cause

Hi Beauties!
Yesterday I made a post called "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" and received lovely response from it. So I spotted something that I wanted to post today for you all.
I was browsing the website and was just at Sephora yesterday before the Canucks game I attended, and I spotted some lovely items at the store & online that in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sephora is offering a collection of pink ribbon products. Each participating brand will donate a protion of the proceeds to organizations helping to raise awareness and find a cure. Now that's so amazing of Sephora and these lovely brands to do this.
I love Sephora and love brands that make a difference in the world.
So check out and pamper yourself with some products that help out other people in the world.
It's a great thing and they have some super cute pink themed items like a Clarisonic Skincare Brush, Clinique BCA Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Luxury Size, & a Sephora Collection BCA Pop-Up Brush, and a few more amazing products.
To check out all the items for BCA, visit your local Sephora or order online.

Here is the link for the goodies:

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