Saturday, October 22, 2011

Health Minute: Top 4 Things That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Hey Everyone!
It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I wanted to make a post about the "top 4 things that are bad for your teeth". So here is the list!

#1. Sugar:
Sugar is bad for your teeth, doesn't matter if it's refined white sugar, brown sugar, or honey. It all reacts to your teeth the same.Sugar creates an acidic environment in your mouth, which persists for about two hours after it’s consumed. If you eat or drink a little bit of sugar every few hours, your teeth will be continuously bathed in the acid, which directly dissolves tooth enamel. So try to avoid it in processed foods especially. I know I do love some ketchup sometimes but try to not eat large amounts of anything with lots of sugar in the ingredients. Also when shopping for juices keep in mind that even though it may not have "Added Sugar" it still has a little bit of natural sugar from the fruits and veggies.
Last Thing.. Be sure to wait at least 20minutes before brushing your teeth since your enamel is not it's strongest after eating sugary foods. :)

#2. Raisins, Dried Fruit:
Now these next two are good for your health but not as good for your teeth because of the usually high sugar amounts. Plus, they can get stuck between teeth (also annoying) and stay there for hours, causing decay.
Last Thing., Be sure to always rinse your mouth out with water after you eat these types of food.

#3. Alcohol:
Not only is it bad for your health it dries out your mouth which reduces your  saliva production.
Also acidic, which dissolves your enamel.
Last Thing.. Be sure to brush your teeth about 20 minutes after drinking alcohol or rinse with some water.

#4. Soft Drinks:
Blah.. I really don't see a need for soft drinks, I haven't had one in a few years and I feel better in my health ways and also soft drinks are very bad to your teeth.
They all contain acid, whether they are sugar-free or not. Also the ingredients in soft drinks are very unhealthy.
Last Thing.. Try not to drink soft drinks.. I love water and coconut & almond milk & sometimes a nice glass of hot chocolate. But if you quit them right away then be sure to not brush your teeth right afterwards because acid softens the structure of teeth and makes them more susceptible to abrasion.

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FTC Disclaimer:
All opinions are my own.


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