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Simi's Favorite Finds: Tropical Themed Beauty Products

Hey Everyone!
How is your Saturday morning going?
I have been loving some products recently that are what I call "Tropical Themed Beauty Products".
You know how some things are "Green" for the environment and such, well I have some great items to share of beauty products that all have some yummy tropical ingredients, so that includes things like "Orange, Apricot, Papaya, Pumpkin & Honey & Mango".. mmm.. delicious!
I thought it would be a fun post because we are in the fall/halloween time and anything orange is huge right now, so I just love tropical beauty items in this season.
Sound fun? :) Keep reading to learn about 12 fun products!

1. Sula Beauty - Paint & Peel Duos (In Shade Vermilion)
This nail polish is so easy to use on the go and easy for touch ups. It's free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates and I adore the very pumpkin like shade. SO pretty.
2. Lush - Sexy Peel Soap
This has got to be my most favorite product from Lush.
Its the most pleasant scented bar soap, I have been in love with with scent for years.
Its a really nice zesty fresh citrus juice scent and really makes you feel energized and ready for the day.
3. Fruits & Passion - Body Cream (In Scent Orange-Cantaloup)
I adore this body cream because it's ingredients are so nice and pure, it contains really healthy ingredients to treat your skin good like it contains 7 fruit extracts: Melon, pear, peach, grapefruit, guava, blackberry and coconut. This fruit cocktail is known for its antioxidant and softening properties, it also contains Sweet almond oil: : An emollient that softens and soothes skin. It really softens your skin and it's perfectly rich exotic scented works extremely well to moisturize and absorbs very well. Its also NOT greasy at all! YAY!
4. Nivea Pure & Natural (Milk & Honey Lip Care)
I did a review back on this late last year and I have been loving this lip balm ever since I bought it!
I can alway count on Nivea Lip products to moisturize my lips REALLY NICE! Their lip products are really nice quality & great ingredients and i love their overall look!
One thing I'm kinda sad about is that they updated their packaging and they took that cute little bee away! But still I love this product regarding the packaging!
5. St. Ives - Exfoliating Apricot Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash
OMGAABC! This body wash is heavenly! I have been addicted to their Gentle Apricot Exfoliator from a few years now, and then ever since this matching body wash was released, it has been one of my top favorite bath products. It's scent is amazing, gorgeous, goddess-like! It really does it's job well.
6. St. Ives - Sensitive Skin Apricot Scrub Gentle
I have been using this exfoliator for years and it's my most favorite one! Everything about it is amazing, it's gentle, the scent is lovely and it works GORGEOUSLY. I adore this product!
7. Cartier - Eau de Cartier Essence D'Orange
I'm head over heels for this fragrance, it's a fruity citrus cocktail filled with beautiful light orange themed scents. It's a fragrance that's perfect for the fall/halloween time. It has such a elegant bottle and I really think it's a light pretty scent for all.
8. Escada - Taj Sunset
Another fragrance "Tropical Themed" which I absolutely adore it the new Taj Sunset by Escada. My favorite from Escada is their "Pacific Paradise" which is completely different from this one, as this one is a bit more heavier but still not that overpowering. I love it's notes "Alphonso Mango, Blood Orange, Watery Blossom, Sweet Primrose, Raspberry, Coconut Cream, Musk, Sandalwood." and its very
Seductive/Vibrant/Sweet/Tropical/Sexy/Beachy/Fruity/Exotic/Sensual/Warmth. It really is all those 10 things. Just pick up a bottle on your next beauty shopping trip and see for yourself! :) You will love it!
9. Bare Escentuals - bareMinerals Exotic Destinations: Bora Bora
This beautiful trio of eye colors inspired by the tropical splendor of Bora Bora is so delicious. OMGAABC! These 3 colors bring out tropical-ness so lovely, they are also free of MANY harsh chemicals and bad ingredients. LOVE! You get 3 x 0.02 oz Eye Color's in "Mango Smoothie", "Cruisin' Teddi", & "Paradise" and that very pretty exotic bag. :)
VERY TROPICAL ITEM! So addicting!!
10.  Bare Escentuals - 100% Natural Lip Gloss (In Shade Wild Honey)
This goes great with any lip balm underneath. I love its color and its very moisturizing and it's pretty golden peach shade fits well with my "Tropical Themed Beauty Products". It's also free of many chemicals and bad ingredients, and it's scent is yummy and it has ANTIOXIDANTS! SO Good!
11. Korres - Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 (In Shade Coral 45)
It's a vibrant coral color and perfect with a honey color lipgloss, I love how these Korres Mango Butter Lipsticks are so nicely colored and are super smooth and work like a lip balm but with a gorgeous color!
It's scent is a light tropical-ish feel & I just love the packaging and everything about this product.
12. Kate Somerville - ExfoliKate® Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
This body exfoliator is amazing. It contains super healthy Papaya & Pumpkin Enzymes: Effectively, yet safely, exfoliate the skin without irritating or over-drying. I love that it makes your skin so nice and soft, and it's very gentle. I love the scent and I adore how it uses nice ingredients.

Wow THAT was a lot of information on 12 beautiful beauty products that I adore.
I had a blast typing this all for you lovelies!
I hope you all enjoyed reading my post and I wish be sure to make more "Simi's Favorite Finds" posts soon.

FTC Disclaimer:
I purchased all products listed above with my own money.
All opinions are my own.


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