Monday, October 17, 2011

Weleda - Product Review #1 (Citrus Creamy Body Wash, Almond Soothing Facial Oil, Skin Food, Rosemary Hair Oil)

Hi Beauties!
Today I have a review for you from a brand called Weleda.
They are a company who uses all beautiful ingredients in their beauty & bath products.
They have items for all ages and all types of skin. There is for sure a products to fit everyone in your family's needs.
I got the chance to try a few items that I wanted to share my thoughts on.
So here is my review..
Citrus Creamy Body Wash:
The product I was most excited to try was this body wash. I'm a huge body wash fan and love to try all different ones and see which is the best, and out of all my ones I have ever tried, this one is on the very top of my favorites list. It has a nice refreshing scent, makes you feel like your so beautifully super clean and the lovely fragrance stays with you for the day! I love that in a body wash. This one is so gorgeous and leaves you skin super soft and Its my new favorite body wash, If your looking for a new body wash, be sure to check out this one!
Almond Soothing Facial Oil:
This Almond Soothing Facial Oil is very soothing and it soaks in your skin right away, and is wearable alone without makeup, and doesn't look greasy. It's the perfect facial oil. It's simple fresh ingredients and no fragrance makes it the ideal fit for anyone looking for some extra moisture & keeps your skin looking very fresh. The only thing that was slightly tricky is I wish I was a "squeezable or pump" bottle.
Skin Food:
I adore the green packaging, and the name "Skin Food" its so cute and fits the product well. A lovely heavenly scent, I really liked the scent of it. It makes your skin soft and soaks in skin well. I liked it best on my hands! :)
Rosemary Hair Oil:
I found this Rosemary Hair Oil to make my hair feel so lustourious & brings the shine to my hair beautifully. Also it makes my hair soft and manageable, it helped repair split ends too and
feels like you had like a salon treatment. It's a really nice fresh hair oil.

I always love to find brands that chose to put good ingredients in their products.
I love that I have found the brand Weleda and I'm excited to try more soon from their company.
They look like they have many lovely products and I definitely recommend checking out these 4 products that I have recently tried out.
I will be sure to have more reviews up of their products soon.
It's one of my new favorite brands. :)

You can check out Weleda on their links below:

FTC Disclaimer:
The company Weleda sent me the 4 mentioned product's for a possible review.
All Opinions are my own.


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