Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ask Simi: "What Is Your Favorite Eyeliner Style?"

Hey Dolls!
I felt like answering another one of your questions emailed to me recently.
I have been asked multiple times "Simi, What Is Your Favorite Eyeliner Style?".
Well I used to love just a pencil, but then I tried gel and didn't find the right one, it was nice but I still kept on searching for a new love.. so then I tried a liquid eyeliner and have been obsessed ever since!
It really depends on what your looking for in your beauty look, the look I wear everyday just suits a liquid eyeliner best!
So thats my favorite! :)
Some info on each.. pencil is simple and quick mostly its your first eyeliner type (be sure to not tug on your eye lids it may cause premature wrinkles!).. and gel is good for thicker eyeliner styles and its silky and you can play around with the brush well, and liquid is just amazing for me and what I always recommend, it may take a few extra minutes but once you get the hang of it then it gets easy and the look and finish is incredible! I love it's long lasting finish! :D
Hope you enjoyed reading my reply to your question and if you would like me to answer your question next all you have to do is email me your question to my fan email at:
Then, I reply to it in a "Ask Simi" post soon. :)


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