Monday, January 16, 2012

Slow - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired - A Beauty & Fashion Look! By Simi

Slow - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired

Hey Everyone!
Another Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired fashion post today!
This look is inspired by the song "Slow" which sounds like a really cute romantic song featuring Omarion. So I created this look featuring light Vanilla/Gold/White/& A Little Blackand the jewelry is simple and eye popping light gold's/sliver/& A Little Black. The makeup is very simple and pretty/cute. I used a very pretty liquid eyeliner and a mascara that adds fullness and for the lips are very nudeish light romantic pink. For nails use Butter London "hoorah henri" it completes the look with the soft light vanilla cream color.
For the hairstyle you can style it gorgeous light curls, "big curls". (which looks like Kumi's style in the photo located to the left of the fashion photo look.)
Hope you like it!


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