Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TV Tonight: 90210 "Mama Can You Hear Me?"

Hey Everyone!
Wanted to share with you all what I'll be watching on TV Tonight..
90210 is on in a little over one hour, depending on where you live.
I have been counting down the days till this episode ever since last week's episode!
Last week unfolded so many stories and this week/tonight we will get to see all the good..
"Lies, secrets, deception. There's no hiding from the past."
Be sure to check out tonight's episode titled "Mama Can You Hear Me?".
I'm so excited to see Annie take down that mean girl stealing Liam.
Also I was so surprised but kinda had a idea that the guy Sliver is seeing, his child is Adrianna's daughter!!! I'm happy to see this story!!
Here are some previews and clips to check out below..

Source & Photo from: Youtube.com


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