Friday, January 20, 2012

Everyday - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired - A Beauty & Fashion Look! By Simi

Everyday - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired

Hey Pretty Readers!
Another Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired fashion post today!
This look is inspired by the song "Everyday" which sounds like such a fun and super bright song and features beautiful bold and cute colors. So I created this look featuring bold colors like coral skirt, pink leggings and a gorgeous white and black polka dot blouse. The jewelry is sweet diamonds and creamy shades with beautiful drop earrings. The makeup is simple and pretty to match, I used a very pretty liquid eyeliner and a mascara that adds fullness and for the lips are very nudeish pink, use "Whirls & Twirls" from the M.A.C Holiday 2011 line = LOVES IT!. For nails use Butter London's "Lady Muck", its a super cute Powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of pearl grey tone too. I think it goes great with this look!
For the hairstyle you can style it adorable pigtails that kind of remind me of something from my favorite holiday movie "The Grinch" like a Whooville person! :) (which looks like Kumi's style in the photo located to the left of the fashion photo look.)
Hope you like it!


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