Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Nice - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired - A Beauty & Fashion Look! By Simi

So Nice - Koda Kumi "Japonesque" Inspired

Hey Dolls!
Here is a fashion post for you all today!
It's called "So Nice".
For the next few fashion posts, I'm going to be doing looks inspired by my favorite singer Koda Kumi!
As her new album (10th album) "Japonesque" release day is getting closer, 13 days till its release.. I have been addicted to her new clips/previews of the songs and love the look of the photos of the new songs music videos.
So I hope you all enjoy these beauty & fashion looks!
"So Nice" sounds like a very sexy song, I'm most excited about this music video so when I saw the photo I got super inspired, so I created this look featuring red/gold/nude shades and the jewelry is beautiful diamond and ruby's. The makeup is sexy dark black eyes with gorgeous eyeliner and mascara with a hint of pinkish red tones, and the lips are eye popping sexy red/cherry color.
For the hairstyle you can style it in a dramatic stunning up-do like Kumi in the photo located to the left of the fashion photo look.
Hope you like it!


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