Sunday, January 15, 2012

Health Minute: My Favorite Healthy Breakfast Meal

Hey Pretty People!
One of my new years resolutions was to keep a better organized daily eating routine.
So while I have been writing up in my little journal about meals and trying some fresh recipes for January and thought about my morning favorite foods, I love Oatmeal with a dash of Cinnamon, also I have been obsessed with Post Shredded Wheat Cereal for the longest time and it's just such a healthy cereal that is unique & very hard to find a cereal that contains NO SUGAR AND NO SALT, made with only100% Canadian whole grain wheat! SO AMAZING!
A healthy diet containing foods high in potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure — a risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Post Shredded Wheat cereal is sodium free.
The Benefits of Whole Grains are plentiful!
Post Shredded Wheat is a source of B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium and a very high
source of fibre.
I hate food that claims it "healthy" for you but I'm such a label reader that when I read the ingredients list, its like "come on this is NOT HEALTHY AND HAS ICKY INGREDIENTS".
So I defiantly recommend Post Shredded Wheat Cereal, I adore it with a dash of Cinnamon and I'm ready for the day!
Yummy and SUPER healthy!
I'll post more soon of my favorite cereals & healthy finds.


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