Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Koda Kumi Releases New Album "Japonesque" Today (Review)

Hey My Beautiful Readers!
It's already January 25th in Japan time which makes it the OFFICIAL RELEASE DAY of...
Koda Kumi's brand new album "Japonesque".
OMGAABC! So happy, Congratulations Kumi on your tenth and VERY FABULOUS album,
I have been O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D with it and replaying the songs over and over again and I have also purchased a copy of the album for each of my friends and family as we all huge Koda Kumi fans!
This album is truly and easily one of her (if not) her best album!
It's simply gorgeous delicious and divine!
It contains 17 songs plus a introduction song and a interlude.. and my top favorites are "So Nice", "Boom Boom Boys" and "Escalate".
My top favorite softer songs are "Everyday", "Slow" and "You Are Not Alone (Live Version)"
I love everything about this album.
The artwork is so beautiful and The Introduction song leads you right into JAPONESQUE with a beautiful classic but a gorgeous touch of Kumi Japanese vibe. I totally wish they would make a full version to this introduction song, it's so addicting. I love the instruments
So Nice feat. Mr. Blistah reminds me of a part two to their duo back in 2006 titled "Candy". It's such a sexy song (the music video is super gorgeous too!!). (One of my top 3 favorite songs!)
Next is "Boom Boom Boys", when I first heard this song I knew it was going to be a hit as it's super catchy lyrics and slight soft rock sound and the music video also does a fabulous job of capturing the song. It's one of my top 3 favorite songs on the album so crazy cool! I can't stop singing it!!
V.I.P. feat. T-PAIN ever since this song was first released I'm been loving it. It's catchy tune and fun sound makes is ultimate dance song, the music video is so fun and I love the fashion in it. The addition with T.Pain is really nice too! But I do wish he his part was a bit longer and wish he was in the music video for the album version!
Slow feat. Omarion I adore this song, the music video is super divine and the sound of Kumi & Omarion just really flows so nice, I  hope they team up again! Perhaps Kumi on a Omarion song next? :)
Brave is the first soft ballad on the album and, just like other Kumi ballads, it has you ready to tear up. Sounds a bit like 1000 no Kotoba (2003) meets come back (2001).
Everyday is a super cute addictive pop song which me tear up a bit.. "Everyday kanashi toki mo!" Kumi acts super cute in the music video too!
In The Air a song I tear up, soft light beautiful beat and lyrics are divine. The music video is so lovely too!
You are not alone Acoustic version is next, I like it but I do prefer the original version more. I really love the lyrics of this song no matter what, it's another one that makes me tear up!!
It's beautiful message DON'T give up on anything. No matter the struggle, you're not alone!
The Interlude follows.. A really nice again classic japanese sound and catchy tune.. again wish they make it into a full song!!
Escalate.. this song is so extra flawless it's the ultimate party song, I love it's very original music video concept! SO HOT! Her hair styles and everything about it is so perfect! I find this song stuck in my head, and I love it ever since I first heard a Preview/Clip! (One of my top 3 favorite songs!)
Love Me Back is a epic song! The music video with her sexy cop and nurse outfits are so sexy!
No Man's Land is another light rock song, I love rock-Kuu! She makes it SOUND super sexy! This song and music video takes you on a journey that rocks hard!
Ai wo tomenaide is a very touching sweet but strong song.
KO-SO-KO-SO love love love it's sound, been a favorite of mine for months! Very catchy sound and the lyrics are stuck in my head!!! SO GOOD!
Next song is Lay Down, which fits with ESCALATE & Boom Boom Boys. Koda Kumi's getting into the clubbing music and it fits her so perfectly! I love it's fresh clubbing sound. I wish Vancouver clubs would get some Koda Kumi music, that would be sure to get people going!!
Love Technique is next, such a adorable cute pop song, just like "Everyday. A bit like Koi no Tsubomi (2006) mixed with D.D.D. feat. SOULHEAD (2005).
Poppin love cocktail feat.TEEDA = A.D.D.I.C.T.I.V.E. I love TEEDA's voice in this song, it flows so amazing with Kumi!
Last song off Japonesque is All for you, another one which makes me tear up, which she wrote specifically for her fans. She loves and cares about her fans so much and dedicates this one to everyone for sticking with her through everything. THANK YOU KUMI.. WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

I'm so happy with "Japonesque" is another FLAWLESS Kumi album and will be my top favorite album playing for the 2012 year! Easily the BEST 2012 ALBUM? Am I right? ;)
Be sure to pick up a copy of the CD+2DVD version so you can watch all the music video too & a special dvd filled with her previous releases ad's.
Very CATCHY! Her talent really shines EXTRA special in this album.. won't you say it's her best album?!! :)
Enjoy it everyone!! (I've been listening it while typing this blog!)

Check it out at your local music store or purchase it online iTunes here:

Source & Photo: http://rhythmzone.net/koda/index.html


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