Friday, January 20, 2012

Koda Kumi Releases Her New Music Video "Boom Boom Boys"

Hey again!!
The brand new music video for Koda Kumi's new song "Boom Boom Boys" has just been released!
Check it out below, it's such a super crazy fun filled party light rock sound song!
I'M OBSESSED WITH this song & music video (as with all Kumi music! ha! :)
It's such a wicked track and the music video does a EXCELLENT job of acheving the look from the addictive song!
I can't stop singing this song, it's on reply over and over all day long, I've been so excited for this music video and her whole album to be released and so far... it's just 5 DAYS AWAY FROM "Japonesque".
You gotta check out the music video below..

bbboyz from baesamor on Vimeo.

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