Monday, January 9, 2012

Clips/Previews Of Songs From Koda Kumi's New Album "Japonesque" Have Been Released

Hey My Beautiful People!!
I'm so happy I cannot hardly type..
Clips/Previews Os Songs From Koda Kumi's New Album "Japonesque" Have Been Released!!
All my fellow Koda Kumi fans you'll be AMAZED from these clips, they all feature such fresh and super cool sounds paired with her sexy voice!
I love all the clips and I'm counting down the days till her full album is released!
Until then, I'll be replaying and replaying these clips! Won't you too? ;)
My top favorites are "So Nice FT. Mr. Blistah" SOUNDS SO SEXY AND like "Candy" or "Shake It" part #2 right? :) next favorite is "Boom Boom Boys" OMG love the couros hook its so catchy and H.O.T.!! next favorite is "Escalate" gets me moving! loving IT!
These top 3 favs are not measured by anything because I LOVE them ALL EQUALLY!
I'm so excited for this new album to be released by Koda Kumi on January 25th!!
Check out the clips/previews below and be sure to purchase a copy or two ;) or her album on it's release!

Koda Kumi - JAPONESQUE Previews (KLJames@AHS) by KaledKalil

Photo: Koda Kumi's Official Website


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