Monday, May 16, 2011

After School releases music video for “Play Ur Love”!

Having made their comeback with their “Virgin” album three weeks ago,  Kpop Girl Group After School has today revealed a new MV for another track from their album, titled “Play Ur Love“.
“Play Ur Love” has a bright melody and contrastively tells the story of a sad separation.
It is a sorrowful and unique R&B song sung by After School members KahiJungAhRaina, andNana’s emotional voices. Dressed in simple outfits and more natural makeup, the girls’ beauty radiates as they portray a rather opposing look from their usual powerful and sexy image.
I'm loving their new music video, they all look super lovely!
Check it out below!:

Also check out a BTS video of Nana dancing solo to ‘Shampoo‘.

Picture & Audio Credit to:
After School & Pledis ENTERTAINMENT.

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