Monday, May 23, 2011

PUT YOUR PAWS UP & Get Lady Gaga’s new album "BORN THIS WAY" for 99 cents!!!

Lady Gaga..

Fresh off her SNL gig, Gaga’s new album Born This Way just hit stores…and the internet.
I've just learned that you can buy the digital booklet with all 14 tracks for only 99 cents, and only on Amazon.
No, I'm not kidding..
You can really get them all for less than a dollar.. but only for today.
Even though its not the special edition with 17 songs, for 14 of the songs to listen to until you get get the physical copy, its a slamming deal!
(and just in case you were wondering, the album is still out on iTunes…but for $11.99)

Thats such a steal for such a WICKLY AMAZING album!
There is no excuse for anyone now, not to listen to the amazing "BORN THIS WAY"!
So head on over there & get downloading little monsters!


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