Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good Morning Cupcakes! What to do on this lovely Tuesday morning? Lady GaGa/Upcoming Goodies/Smoothies/NHL CANUCKS

Hey Cupcakes!
Its such a gorgeous morning today,
So I have been enjoying it by playing LADY GAGA'S new album "Born This Way"!
I am ADDICTED to this album!
Its truly the best GAGA album so far!
Its reveals a more personal side of her in her vocals & sound. 
Also it shows her aggressiveness in the album. & her strength is amazing.
The sound is VERY strong & aggressive beats & so is her vocals!
"Born This Way" shows a more darker side of GaGa. 
It's also a album that will attract many new fans "little monsters"!
Lets make this album sell a TON.. Just by buying a copy!
Did you buy your copy yesterday?
GaGa is simply the BEST ARTIST in the music industry right now!
Everything she touches turns to GOLD!
Lady GaGa is such a talented woman. I adore her!
She has achieved so much so quickly & deserves all the attention she gets.
I cannot wait for her next tour, for "Born This Way", she is going to make it "MUCH BIGER & BETTER" I hear...

Also on another note.. I will be posting some beauty/food/fashion reviews & 
interviews on with some amazing talented artists soon!
Im so excited to share with you all the things that I'm working on for you guys!
I just had a delicious smoothie that I made & now I feel like making some goodies for tonights CANUCKS Hockey game! GO CANUCKS GO!! :)
Just one more win for the Canucks & they can KNOCK OFF THE SAN JOSE SHARKS.. out of the 2011 Playoffs!
We can do it boys!
Well I should say "See you later" for now & Catch me on my next post!

Love you guys!

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