Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitagawa Keiko’s new “Palitte x Paradise Kiss” CM revealed!

Glico released the new CM for their ice cream brand “Palitte“, starring actress Kitagawa Keiko as their usual image character.
As announced the other day, the new commercial is a special collaboration between the ice cream brand and Kitagawa’s new movie “Paradise Kiss.” Instead of acting as herself, she is reprising her role from the movie.
YUI’s “HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~“, the theme song of the movie, was also used as the theme song for this cute commercial.
“Paradise Kiss” is scheduled to open in Japan on June 4th.
Check out the CM below!
She looks super pretty! 
I Love the commercial! <33

Picture & Clip Credit to:
Kitagawa Keiko & Palitte Ice Cream Brand.

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