Friday, May 13, 2011

Celebrate Spring/Summer with Frito-Lay! - Tostitos Multigrain Scoops! & Tostitos DIP CREATIONS Dry Dip Mix (Review)

Hey Everyone!
I recently teamed up with the Massive Amazing Brand Frito Lay, to check out a couple of their new products: Tostitos Multigrain Scoops! & Tostitos DIP CREATIONS Dry Dip Mix.
And I wanted to tell you a little about them & share with you all my opinions on them.

TOSTITOS® Multigrain SCOOPS!® Tortilla Chips:
I adore finding Chips that have healthy ingredients and also no animal ingredients,
So I was excited to try these, I really like them as they are made with multi grains & they are really nice with guacamole!
Mmm.. Tastes SO GOOD! My whole family ate these up very quickly!
Well done Frito Lay on making healthy & tasty chips!
Perfect slight crunch & very fresh yummy multi grain taste. I have also seen a few more chips from Tostitos at my local grocery store that I'm eyeing to try soon.

Facts about this product:

0g Trans Fat
Additive Free
No Gluten Ingredients
Lactose Free
MSG Free
Onion Free
Pig (Porcine) Free

The TOSTITOS® DIP CREATIONS® Freshly Made Guacamole Dry Dip Mix:
What I love about this Guacamole Dry Dip Mix is the simple ingredients in it, & it doesn't have ANY bad unhealthy ingredients, it perfectly fits my diet & no animal ingredients! (YAY! Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly).
I really LOVE this dry dip mix, so does my whole family.
My brother likes it I think more than me! :)
It has a perfectly spiced taste & it's so easy just to throw into your mashed up fresh avocado's.
The only thing that I wish would be different in this, would be the dried onions, they are a little hard & if this dry dip mix did not have it then it would make the avocado more smooth tasting, which I would prefer more.
But I do really love this still! I hope they release more flavors soon, I see they have a couple more at the moment & I'm eyeing to try them soon!

Facts about this product:

0g Trans Fat
No Gluten Ingredients
Casein Free
Kosher OU
Lactose Free
MSG Free
Pig (Porcine) Free
Soy Free

Overall.. I really fell in love with BOTH of these products and cannot wait to try more new goodies from FRITO LAY!
I suggest to check these out at your local grocery store as soon as you can!

You Can Check out Frito Lay at their links below:

FTC Disclaimer:
I'm working with Frito Lay to promote their NEW products.
I was sent the 2 mentioned items from Frito Lay a possible review. 
All opinions are my own.


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