Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tic Tac "Green Apple, Orange, Fresh Mint" (Review)

Hey Lovelies!
How is your day going?
Ok, so as you may remember a couple weeks ago I posted the amazing "Tic Tac Fresh Fun Talent Search - New Campaign!" contest. I got a lovely response from all you on my email, saying what a cool contest it is.
So I wanted to post a little review of some "Tic Tac" products!
These  are 3 flavors of "Tic Tac's" and my thoughts on them. :)
Green Apple:
This is my brother's favorite one! He say's its the BEST one because, its SO FULL of FRESH GREEN APPLE taste and the flavor is so perfect and its the yummiest "Tic Tact" EVER!
I really do like this one too! :)
SO Fresh & Fun for the Spring Time!
A bright orange flavor very fresh tasting, my favorite of all "Tic Tac's"!
Yummy like orange juice.
Fresh Mint:
A nice fresh tasting mint flavor not too strong, not too light, perfect for a after dinner mint.
I adore this one, especially around the holiday's!

FTC Disclaimer:
Im working with Tic Tac on their new campaign "Fresh Fun Talent Search".
All opinions are my own.


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