Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey Dolls! What are you up to? NHL Playoffs/What's Coming Up.../I Miss My Favorite TV Shows!

Hey Everyone!
Monday Morning here & I felt I wanted to do a blog post for you all! :)
I'm SUPER excited for the CANUCKS VS Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Finals!
The games start on this WEDNESDAY!
SO close just a couple of days away, from the big events!
I will be attending the games & I simply cannot wait!!
Make sure you tune into the games on tv if you can't make it to the arena!
I have posted the NHL 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs Finals Schedule on a my site so check that here.
I have some big exciting posts for you all in the June Month!
I will be having some lovely singers interviews featured on & GREAT fashion companies to share with you!
Also a couple of my recent Beauty loves!
So be on the look out for all those goodies & treats!
I feel so bare on Monday's lately since 2 of my favorite shows season finales ended a couple of weeks ago,
both 90210 & Hawaii Five-0!
Also my all time favorite Desperate Housewives season finale ended a couple of weeks ago! :(
But I will be posting more for you guys, now that a have a little more free time ;)
So it's ok..

Kiss Kiss,

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