Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady GaGa "Born This Way" Listen to the FULL Album HERE!

Hey Everyone,
So as today is the release of LADY GAGA'S 3rd album "BORN THIS WAY"
She has released on her youtube page all the songs so her "Little Monsters" can listen to the album in full high quality!
So nice!

I have been loving the album ALOT!
I am ADDICTED to this album!
Its truly the best GAGA album so far!
Its reveals a more personal side of her in her vocals & sound. 
Also it shows her aggressiveness in the album. & her strength is amazing.
The sound is VERY strong & aggressive beats & so is her vocals!
"Born This Way" shows a more darker side of GaGa. 
It's also a album that will attract many new fans "little monsters"!
Lets make this album sell a TON.. Just by buying a copy!
Did you buy your copy yesterday?
GaGa is simply the BEST ARTIST in the music industry right now!
Everything she touches turns to GOLD!
Lady GaGa is such a talented woman. I adore her!
She has achieved so much so quickly & deserves all the attention she gets.
I cannot wait for her next tour, for "Born This Way", she is going to make it "MUCH BIGER & BETTER" I hear...

Here are all the 17 songs off "Born This Way" plus 5 remixes,
that you can enjoy & listen to online from the LadyGaGaVevo page!:

Marry The Night:

Born This Way:

Government Hooker:





Bloody Mary:

Black Jesus † Amen Fashion:

Bad Kids:

Fashion Of His Love:

Highway Unicorn (Road to Love):

Heavy Metal Lover:

Electric Chapel:

The Queen:

You And I:

The Edge Of Glory:

Born This Way (The Country Road Version):

Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix):

Marry the Night (Zedd Remix):

Scheiße (DJ White Shadow Mugler):

Fashion of His Love (Fernando Garibay Remix):

Check out Lady GaGa at her links:

Picture & Audio Credit to:
Lady GaGa & Interscope Records & Lady GaGa Vevo on Youtube.

FTC Disclaimer: 
All Opinions are my own.


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