Monday, May 23, 2011

Jpop Singer Aoyama Thelma’s new Music Video “Without U” featuring Kpop's 4minute!

Jpop Singer Aoyama Thelma & Kpop Girl Group 4minute have released a music video together!
After releasing an official teaser and a “RUN60 PV“ recently.
The FULL video for “Without U feat. 4Minute“! It OUT TODAY!
In the music video, Aoyama and the lovely ladies of 4Minute sing the Japanese version of the song into studio microphones, making for an elegant video. The English version can also be seen on another post! Watch the full music video below!
Its a very beautiful & soft love song, I adore it!
The lyrics are very touching! <3
I hope they team up to work on more songs soon!, because they sound LOVELY altogether! :)

Picture & Audio Credit to:
Aoyama Thelma/4minute & Universal Music Group/Cube ENTERTAINMENT.

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