Monday, May 16, 2011

Swincle releases debut MV teaser for “Shake Ur Body”

Upcoming Kpop girl group Swincle, who have had their debut showcase two months ago, has returned with a music video teaser for their debut track, “Shake Ur Body.”
The new song sounds like a very fun & upbeat song to dance to!
The girls revealed that they had felt that their concept and image was too repetitive of other girl groups, which is why they felt the need to postpone their debut. Their mini-album is features the work of producer Goo Ja Kyung, who previously composed for Dal Shabet’s “Pink Rocket.”
At their music video production conference earlier this week, the girls were asked who they thought of as their rivals, to which they replied, “2NE1 is making a comeback at the same time as us, but we’d like to have a friendly competition with A Pink.”

Swincle will be releasing their mini-album and music video on May 25th, followed by their debuts on “M! Countdown” and “Music Bank“.

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