Friday, May 6, 2011

GaGa's Monster Ball Breaks Record For Debut Headlining Artist!

Way to go, yay! for GaGa!
According to Billboard Boxscore numbers, Lady GaGa's Monster Ball tour has grossed $227.4 million and brought in 2.5 million people, making the tour the biggest EVER by a debut headlining artist!
Here's what GaGa's manager Troy Carter had to say about the Monster Ball's success:
"We're humbled by the tremendous success of the Monster Ball tour. The reasonably priced tickets, coupled with a great live experience, led it to being a must-see event."
GaGa's ittle monsters are the best fans ever!
Did you get a chance to see the Monster Ball tour?

I went to SOOO many dates!
I hope she has a "Born this Way" tour soon! :)

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Lady GaGa & Interscope Records

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