Monday, July 18, 2011

Enjoy Life Foods! Products Review Round #3 "Crunchy Cookies"

Hey Everyone!
Today I will talking about some new products from the company "Enjoy Life Foods".
These are NEW and called "Crunchy Cookies" they have 4 fun flavors to choose from and I have recently tried them ALL!
And here are my thoughts on them:

Chocolate Chip:
When I opened these they were really badly broken.. I was very sad to see that, as they were the ones I was MOST interested in.
But even though they were broken I still tried them, and was VERY GLAD I did.
These were really yummy "Chocolate Chip" cookies.
They had a "dry but soft crunch" they were the softest of the 4 different flavors and the BEST OVERALL.
Very yummy fresh tasting.

Sugar Shortbread:
These were nice to dip into my tea/hot chocolate but I was sad to taste that they didn't really taste like "Shortbread".
I'm a BIG fan of shortbread cookies and had high expectations for this item.
I hope to see "Enjoy Life Foods" update this product soon and perhaps minus the amount of sugar that these "Sugar Shortbread" cookies are COVERED in. A little TOO much sugar for me.

Vanilla Honey Graham:
Mmm. These were the BEST flavor, they tasted so yummy like fresh vanilla cake, but they were a bit harder than the other ones. But dipping them into my tea/hot chocolate was very tasty!

Double Chocolate:
This one tasted very much like a chocolate cake! I really liked this "Double Chocolate" flavor.

Overall... I liked these cookies & so did my family, we had a favorite of the "Chocolate Chip" ones, Because we found they seemed to be a bit "softer". The "crunchy" texture was different to what I normally tend to go for in a cookie, but after trying these I will be defiantly be repurchasing the "Chocolate Chip" ones again. Very Delicious!
I wish "Enjoy Life Foods" will come out with the "Sugar Cookie" & "Vanilla Graham" flavor but have it in their "Soft Baked Cookies".
THAT would be SO NICE to see for a future release from them.
I hear that the company is coming out with new products, so I'm excited to hear what's going to be released.
I also do wish that these cookies were a bit more softer, as that's what I usually like in a cookie texture. So hopefully Enjoy Life Foods makes some sort of "Small Square Brownie" bites with all these flavors!
Pretty Please Enjoy Life Foods? ;)

FTC: Enjoy Life Foods sent me these listed products for a "possible" review.
I tried these products and liked the product and wanted to share my love for them.
All opinions are my own.


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